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There are 19 Show Me/Tell Me questions that you will need to know before you take your driving test. These are also known as "vehicle safety" questions. The Driving Examiner will ask you 2 of these questions, 1 show me and 1 tell me. You cannot fail your driving test for getting any of the 2 questions wrong, however it will be recorded as a minor driving fault and this will mean that you've already collected a driving fault even before you've left the test centre. Please click on each of the below links to reveal the show me/tell me questions and use this page for revision.

You would check by removing the dip-stick, wiping it clean of oil, dipping it back in, removing it again and the oil should leave a mark between the maximum and minimum marker.
The coolant can be checked by looking at the maximum and minimum levels found on the side (never open the coolant when it's hot).
It can be checked by opening it up and checking that it has sufficient washer fluid inside.
The brake fluid reservoir is identified in the picture just below. This involves you opening the bonnet. It can be checked by looking at the maximum and minimum levels found on the side of the brake fluid reservoir.
Tell the examiner you would start the car, drive forward slowly and try the foot brake. It should stop the car and the pedal should feel firm and not spongy.
Tyre pressure information can be found in the car manual. You can check the tyre pressure by using a tyre pressure gauge.
he tread depth can be measured using a tread depth gauge. The legal minimum amount of tread should me no less than 1.6mm of tread in the central ¾ of the tyre and there shouldn't be any cuts or bulges on the edge of the tyre.
Tell the examiner that the head restraint should be adjusted so that the rigid part of the head restraint is at least as high as your eyes (or top of your ears) and as close to the back of the head as is comfortable.
Turn the ignition on and turn the headlights on. Tell the examiner that you would then get out and check that both front headlights and the back tail lights are working properly (check from the pavement).
Tell the examiner that you would start the engine and a warning light will stay illuminated on the dashboard if there is a fault with the anti-lock braking system.
Ask the examiner if they can check the back of the car while you turn the ignition on and press the foot brake to activate the brake lights (don't start the car though). You might also be able to see the reflection of the lights on a wall or in windows.
Tell the examiner that you would start the car and move the steering wheel a little left and right. It should feel easy and light to steer and not heavy.
Turn the ignition on and operate the windscreen washer lever.
Turn the hazard warning lights on, get out and check from the pavement that the front indicators are working and the back ones (both sides).
Turn the fan on, twist middle dial round to blow onto the front window, press the rear demister button to demist the rear and turn the right dial for warm air.
Press the centre of the steering wheel (the horn) and you should hear that it works.
Turn the ignition on. Turn the dipped headlights on and then the rear fog light. Check that the warning light is on for the fog light (no need to get out or switch the engine on). Explain that you would only use the fog light(s) if visibility was poor and that you could not see further than 100 metres.
Press the foot brake, release the handbrake, re-apply the handbrake and the handbrake shouldn't come up too high and the car shouldn't move when you release the foot brake.
Turn the ignition on. Twist the light switch from off position, then side lights, then to dipped. You then need to pull the left lever towards you for the main beam. Tell the examiner that you can see the (blue) main beam warning light is displayed on the dashboard.

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Is this the full list of the DSA practical driving test Show Me, Tell Me questions and answers? Yes, it is. We've also tried to word the answers in as plain english as possible and in a memorable way. When do they ask the Show Me, Tell Me questions? The examiner will ask you the Show Me, Tell Me questions after you've read a number plate (eye sight test) at the start of the practical driving test.


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